‘ADN Domestic and Foreign Trade’ first established as a hand craft decorative and souvenir goods retail shop at İstanbul Old Town in 2005. In a short period of time ADN starts exporting under the name of ‘Myth Arts’. Due to raising demand of customers and company’s own interest in quality innovation, ADN starts manufacturing in Kütahya as ‘Aydın El Sanatları’.

The whole process takes from producing its own mud to decorating and finalization of ceramic goods. The main objective of research and development studies is basically focused on producing unleaded but still bright and colourful, healthy table wares.

Aydın El Sanatları is the only company who achieve producing bulk quantity with high quality handmade ceramic goods by using traditional techniques. Since 2016, company located in 1. Organized Industry Zone. Company puts too much effort on keep and develop ÇİNİ art alive. In addition, as a social responsibility project, company provides extensive job opportunity for women.  

In 2017 ‘Tableworks’ brand established as a new brand that exclusively offers handmade ceramic table wares that are suitable to daily use based on personal preferences.From 2017, 90% of company’s production has been exported to more than 20 countries.