1.Mud Production

Our muds are prepared based on a special recipe by using high quality raw materials.

2.Biscuit Production

Mud is formed according to any design/form (plate, bowl, tile) by using presser, jiggering machine or casting line.

3.Biscuit retouch

Dried biscuits were retouched before they are cooked in biscuit ovens.

4.First Firing

Retouched muds are cooked at around 1050 degrees.

5.Drawing and Painting

Tahrircs first make the decorations and then colour the biscuits by using fine-tipped brush.


Prepared biscuits are glazed by exclusive raw materials like kuvarts, kaolin (china clay) etc.

7.Second Firing

Glazed biscuits are cooked at around 1050 degrees for the second time.

8.Quality check and Packing

Quality control is done for each finalized product, then get packed for delivery.