25cm Iznik Plate


The ceramic art have gained a new dimension during 14th century Ottoman Empire, and had its golden age period especially between 15th and 17th centuries in Iznik (Nicea), and had managed to gain world wide fame. The buildings such as mosques, bazaars and palaces of the period were decorated with Iznik tiles& potteries which are cobalt, turquoise, green and red in color and have tulip, carnation and golden-horn patterns. In addition Iznik was the workshop of the gifts which presented to the foreign ambassadors and the emperors.

Ürün Numarası (SKU) 10008033 Koleksiyon İznik
En x Boy x Yükseklik (cm) 26×26 x3 Kutu Adeti
Ağırlık (gr) 665 Koli Adeti 24
Hacim Koli Ölçüleri 39x 55x 43
Renk Opsiyonları  5 renk Koli Ağırlık ve Hacmi 17kg 0,28m3
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Product Code (SKU) 10005002 Collection Relief
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Weight 665 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 3 cm